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Hop Rhizome - Golding

Price: $4.99
Item Number: P-2233


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Rhizome Descriptions

Cascade: 4.5-7.0% alpha. Grows well in all climates. Susceptible to aphid.

Centennial: 9.5-11.5% alpha. Grows well in all climates. Susceptible to downy mildew.

Chinook: 11.0-13.0% alpha. Grows well in dry, hot climates. Does not grow well in moist climates. Subject to spider mite. Great ornamental hop.

Columbus: 14.5-15.5% alpha. Grows well in dry hot climates. Vigorous but susceptible to mildew diseases.

Glacier: 5.0-6.0% alpha. Grows well in all climates.

Golding: 4.0-5.0% alpha. Grows well in mild, moist climates, does ok in hot climates.

Mt. Hood: 4.5% alpha.  Hybrid of Hallertau.  Grows well in all climates.

Northern Brewer:
 8.0-10.0% alpha.  Adequate in temperature climates, but has difficulty growing when under heat stress.  Susceptible to downy mildew.

Nugget: 12.0-14.0% alpha. Grows well in all climates.

Sterling: 6.0-8.0% alpha.  Hybrid of Saaz.  Grows well in all climates.

Tettnang: 4.0-5.0% alpha. Grows well in a moderate climate, suffers a little in hot climates.

Willamette: 4.0-6.0% alpha. Grows well in all climates.

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