Kegging System with New Keg

Price: $329.99
Item Number: P-1847
Our 5 gallon kegging system is the only way to go! Put down your bottle capper and toss your bottles in the recycling bin, you won't be needing them anymore. With the kegging system you only have one bottle to clean and fill. Another bonus is time. The kegging system allows you to force carbonate your beer instead of waiting for natural carbonation to occur. This means you can drink your beer almost immediately after the fermentation is complete!
Our kegging system comes complete with: Co2 Tank (Tank is Empty), Dual Gauge Regulator, New 5 Gallon Cornelius Keg (Ball Lock Style), Gas & Beer Quick Connections, Beer & Gas Line, Hose Clamps, Dispensing Faucet, and Complete Instructions.