Making Artisan Cheese

Making Artisan Cheese
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Cheese making is an art and an absorbing pastime.  Geared to the hobbyist, Making Artisan Cheese will turn anyone into a cheese artist.  Most of the equipment you need is already in your kitchen, and with investing more patience than cash, your cheeses will far surpass their commercial counterparts in flavor and freshness.

If your mouth waters at the mention of names such as Pyrenees, Cloth-Banded Cheddar, or Stilton with blueberries, and if your curiousity is piqued by less familiar cheeses such as Cabra al Vino, Halloumi, and Crottin, then this book is a must for your kitchen library.

Included are:

  • Inspiring, colorful photographs of artisan cheeses
  • Recipes for gourmet cheeses and everyday favorites, with enticing variations
  • Step-by-step illustrated techniques for fresh cheeses, molded cheeses, and aged cheeses
  • "What can go wrong" tips that help you avoid cheese-making pitfalls
  • Profiles of master cheese makers who share professional tips and advice
  • Tips on discovering the best fruits, breads, nuts, wine, and beer to complement every kind of cheese, and how to present, serve, and properly store your cheeses