Wyeast 1764 Rogue Pacman Ale Yeast

Rogue Pacman Ale Yeast
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John Maier, Brewmaster at Rogue Ales has generously agreed to release his proprietary Pacman Ale Yeast™ to the homebrewing public.

“Pacman is really great yeast; everything about it is good. Pacman attenuates well, is alcohol tolerant, and it produces beers with no diacetyl if the beer is well made. It's very flocculent, which makes it a great choice for bottle conditioning. I ferment almost all my beers at 60F; once in a while for certain styles I'll ferment as high as 70F, but never higher. Use lots of oxygen, and a high pitch rate. I never repitch past the 6th generation, and I always use Wyeast Yeast Nutrient.”
- John Maier, Brewmaster, Rogue Ales


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